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Paris Fashion Week 2013-2014 Trends

C'est la Fashion Week de Paris! C'est la fin des quatre grands défilés de mode internationaux, et la semaine de la mode de Paris a certainement eu des hauts et des bas. 
Paris Fashion Week! It's the end of the four major international fashion weeks, and this year's Paris Fashion Week certainly has its ups and downs. (High school French can only get you so far)

Strong and dark colours seem to have been revived this year, with many shows going back to basic blocks of colour such as purple, blue and red. The overall tone of Paris Fashion Week was clean and classical, with designers forgoing the neons and acid washes.


Beyond Blue

One of the colours that made a definitive appearance in Paris was blue. Shades such as denim blue and cobalt featured from Acne, Roland Mouret, Valentino, Chanel, and Chloé. Roland Mouret paid homage to his home country, with royal blue highlighting several pieces in his collection.

TOP: ACNE Ready-to-Wear A/W
MIDDLE: CHLOÉ Ready-to-Wear A/W

Crimson Craving

Mirroring both London and New York Fashion Weeks, Paris also fell in love with the colour of love this season. Labels such as Dior, Acne and Roland Mouret all played a hand in bringing back the classical colour.

BOTTOM: ACNE Ready-to-Wear A/W 

Blackest Noir

Black, once again, was a major component of Paris Fashion Week, with almost every label claiming at least one little black dress in their collection. This year, black has been reworked into grungy leather pieces as well as satin-soft LBDs. 

MIDDLE: DIOR Ready-to-Wear A/W

Opposites Attract

The classics never go out of style as monochromatic hues dominated the Parisian catwalks. Solid blocks of black and white paraded down each catwalk, each providing a different tone. Balenciaga remained stately with structured lines and straight pieces whereas Dior gave the contrasting look a softer look, with ruffles and pleats.

MIDDLE: CHLOÉ Ready-to-Wear A/W
BOTTOM: DIOR Ready-to-Wear A/W

The Hits ... 


Céline really hit the spot for me this year with light pearly pinks and white featuring heavily in their show. I love the simplistic yet timeless look that Céline showcased this year. 
The use of side pockets (as opposed to front pockets) particularly appealed to me, and I particularly love the simple cut of each outfit below, not to mention the interesting sleeve-like design on the third model. 


Lanvin also veered away from tradition, and incorporated flouncy skirts into their collection. The use of bold colours and prints helped add a third dimension to their collection, and this was balanced out with soft pinks. Simple necklines and minimalist jewellery contributed to the timelessness of this collection.

Christian Dior

Christian Dior's collection was another winner for me. The instant I saw the red coat matched with a high-low dress, I knew that this show screamed "ME". I was not wrong, when Dior stuck to monochromatic colours and a classical houndstooth. I love the fact that the detailing on the dress of the third model perfectly complemented the model's lip colour. 


Valentino ticked all the boxes for me this year, and was by far my favourite of all the shows. Valentino was all about the collars this year, as they paired stiff business collars with floral and baroque prints, and lace circle collars with royal blues and luxurious reds. The middle model below reminded me of Wednesday Addams, with its understated monochromatic dress. 

...and The Misses


Givenchy's shows are usually a hit for me, but this year, it was a belly-flop. As the saying goes, too many patterns spoil the outfit. Plaid, floral and striped? Lace and leather? Fur and ruffles? It was all a bit overwhelming for the eyes. 


Chanel was also a big disappointment for me at PFW. The oddly shaped hem of the A-line skirt, the electric blue wigs, the strange mix of gunmetal metallics ... it was just a bit too un-Chanel. I'd thought that more structured, clean lines would be present. However, the show itself was amazing, with the main attraction being a gigantic, rotating globe with tiny Chanel flags (to represent its global diversity).


Acne was a bit of a strange one. It ticked so many boxes, regarding the trends, but the combination in which the trend was incorporated was just off-putting. First of all, I detest large front pockets. Particularly ones that are highly contrasted with the rest of the outfit. They remind me of these over-the-bed hanging organisers, and I just can't unsee that. Secondly. the big brown bomber leather jacket with mustard yellow print wide pants? It's not the worst look, but certainly not the best. The wide ankle-length vests were not a hit in my book either and it just made me think of popes and their papal scarves

One-off Offenders

Kenzo's collection was certainly ... interesting, but overall, it wasn't too badly done. Kenzo's colour scheme had an ecclectic mix of earthy reds and yellows along with some dark ashy greys. But this one dress was just ... unappealing. The placement of the side hem with the striped print made the whole dress look like a rug.
The next one-off culprit was Chloé. Overall, Chloé's collection was wonderfully done, but this outfit caught my eye for all the wrong reasons. The oversized shirt, paired with suspender-like straps and a crimson pencil skirt, was an unnatural combination. It was both worker-boy and office-lady. It just didn't work for me. 
Thirdly, whilst Céline's collection was one of the hits of PFW, this plaid mashup was a disaster zone. The print itself reminded me of those plaid plastic shopping bags that we've all once had, and the boxy nature of the coat did not help matters.  

There's no other words to describe Paris Fashion Week other than: C'est très chic! 

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