Tuesday, February 12, 2013

5 Free Gifts For Your Special Someone This Valentine's Day

Valentine's Day is literally around the corner, and whilst everyone is rushing around buying gifts and sending flowers for their sweethearts, I'll be at home with my trusty teddy bear. And it got me thinking, if I had a date, what would a good Valentine's Day gift be?

Today, we are enveloped in a consumeristic and materialistic society, where most (if not ALL) gifts are store-bought and most likely technological and/or with a hefty price tag. What happened to the good ol' times of exchanging home-made gifts or even just a smile and a hug for thank yous?

I want to share with you some things that are free/homemade yet have enormous sentimental value, and would instantly make my Valentine's Day.

  1. Hugs + Kisses
    Who says hugs and kisses don't mean anything anymore? Today's society has degraded these intimate moments into fleeting hellos and goodbyes. This Valentine's Day, share a cuddle with your beloved, just like these cuties!

  2. Playlists
    Remember the days of mix-tapes? I remember making my very first mix tape when I was about 10, just simply because I wanted to hear the music I loved played over and over again. Make your hubby a playlist of your favourite love songs, so you can cheesily dance the night away!
    Some of my favourites:

  3. Cards/Love Notes
    Remember those primary school days when all we did during class was paint and make cards and origami? I remember on Valentines Day, we would make cards for our Valentines (mostly to the cutest boy and girl in the class) and then give them out.
    One year, I was trying to draw a lip on a drawing of a girl, and it turned out too big and puffy so it looked like she had a lip injection gone horrifically wrong.
  4. Cardspiration:
    1. LOVE (using playing cards) @ EyeShutterToForget
    2. "Mustache A Question" Card @ Moments2Celebrate
    3. Pirate Valentines Day Cards @ Mer Mag
    4. Popup Pixel Heart Cards @ Minieco
  5. Food Gifts
  6. Recipes:
    1. Heart-Shaped Cake @ About.com
    2. Chocolate Cupcakes with Heart Shape Cutouts @ Sweet Designs
    3. Conversation Fudge Hearts @ Hungry Happenings
    4. DIY Valentine Cookies @ Wedding Chicks

  7. Spending a night out under the stars
    I've always loved stars. When I was little, I would sit out on the balcony and just gaze at the stars until bedtime. Stars represent hope, promise and longevity. I'd wish upon a star, that it'd keep me safe and guide me to a better future. I was a quirky child.

I know that regardless of what I'm doing on Valentine's Day, I'll be happy for the couples who do spend it together and grateful to my single girlfriends whom I'll be spending the day with, eating chocolate and having a good laugh at our empty lives.

I've submitted this post to IFB Project #82: Season Of Love. Click through to find out some more amazing Valentine's Day posts! 

EDIT: I got featured in the Round Up of IFB Project #82: Season of Love!

Despite that mishap, I'm so honoured! 


  1. Thanks for including my Fudge Conversation Hearts in your Valentine's Day round-up:)

  2. Wow.... the playlist and night beneath the stars must be awesome !!
    Liking your blog.... newest follower on Bloglovin !

    Would love it if you would come visit sometime.

    Swati @ The Creative Bent

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